Refresher Driving Lessons in Dublin

Refresher Driving Lessons in Dublin: Picture of a woman driving car with her instructor: Pre Test Driving Lessons in Dublin

Do you already have a full driving license but would like a refresher lesson to brush up on your driving skills like parking or roundabouts? Maybe you have just bought a new car and haven’t driven for a while or have passed your driving test but have never driven on the motorway? Or perhaps you learned to drive on the right-hand side of the road and feel you would like to begin driving on the left-hand side in the security of a car with dual controls with an experienced driving instructor? At Pinnacle Driving School we regularly give refresher driving lessons to people who have passed their driving test.


Driving Test Refresher Course


We normally find that a 1.5 hour lesson is all they need to feel confident again. In the 1.5 hours we can get on and off the motorway a few times as well as practice things like parking, box junctions and roundabouts. The lesson can be tailored to suit your own needs and we can concentrate on the aspects of driving you to feel you want most practice such as motorways or parking.


Depending on where you live a 2 Hour lesson is normally needed for Motorways in order to give sufficient time to get there and practice joining and leaving the Motorway enough times to feel confident. We will practice coming on and off at every junction as these are the hardest parts about driving on a motorway. The objective at the end of the lesson will be to have you feeling confident to drive on the motorway on your own.


If you would like a refresher driving lessons or want to know about our refresher driving lessons prices please call us at 01 455 9231 or email [email protected]

Parallel Parking – Reverse Park between 2 cars

Reverse Park into a carpark space