Finglas Driving Test Centre

Finglas Driving Test Centre and Driving Test Car Hire for Finglas Driving Test Route

Finglas Driving Test Centre is located on Jamestown Road in Finglas and has a pass rate of 49% according to the latest figures from the RSA.

Finglas Driving Test Centre

The prominent features of the Finglas Driving Test Center Route would be speed bumps, schools and roundabouts. Speed Bumps are classified as hazards and you need to check the mirrors and slow down before each one before building up speed again after it. You may need to change to 2nd or 3rd gear depending on the size of the bump and ability of the car but never in 4th. Aim to slow down gently coming up to it, releasing the brake a few meters before hitting it and then begin to accelerate again once the impact has been made to maintain the speed. If the speed bumps are far enough apart you can build up into a higher gear before dropping back down to 2nd or 3rd where necessary. For the “Cushion” speed bumps you can aim to have a tire both sides of it to enable the car to pass the speed bump smoother but not it if brings you unnecessarily close to oncoming traffic.  Hitting speed bumps too fast is classified as a Grade 2 fault for Hazards and is one of the most common faults on the Finglas Test Route.

Driving Test Car Hire Finglas

For Roundabouts make sure to slow down on the approach, ideally approaching at a steady speed in 2nd gear with good observation to the right to help you decide whether to proceed. Get into the correct lane on approach with the correct signals as shown in the picture below:

Finglas Driving Test Centre

Pretest Driving Lessons at Finglas Driving Test Centre

Pinnacle Driving School have covered Finglas Driving Test Centre for over 10 Years with our PreTest driving lessons in particular demand. Our Pretest Driving Lessons are €40 each or 6 for €210. If you have a Driving Test Date it is advisable to book a Pretest lesson early so as to give more time to correct any faults. Most people will need at least 3 lessons. Lesson 1 will be spent fixing any faults and telling you everything you need to know to pass the test as well as practicing the reverse around the corner, hill start and turnabout. Lesson 2 will be a mock test where the instructor plays the part of the tester and conducts a full test from start to finish. It will be like an actual test where the Instructor will not chat or give feedback during the test but will mark and make a note of everything and give feedback once finished. The aim is to give you an idea if you would pass or fail, highlight any areas you need to work on, warn you of the severity of different faults that you may not have deemed important as well as giving some experience of driving under Driving Test conditions.