Churchtown Driving Test Centre

Pretest Driving Lessons and Driving Test Car Hire for Churchtown Driving Test Route
Churchtown Driving Test Centre is located on Landscape Road in Churchtown. It was opened in January 2016 when Rathgar Driving Test Centre closed. There are no official pass rates for the Churchtown Driving Test Centre so far as 2015 are the latest figures available from the RSA. The Churchtown Driving Test Route covers 3 main areas: Rathgar/Rathmines, Nutgrove/Churchtown and Rathfarnham. The Driving test normally covers residential areas with hazards such as bin lorries and cyclists being prominent. At the Churchtown Driving Test Centre, you enter the car park at the side of the Landscape House Building. As there is only room for 1 car to enter or leave at any one time you will need to stop and look before committing to entering the Test Centre Car Park. Similarly, when leaving the car park you will need to peep and creep very slowly up the hill as you meet a pavement obstructed by a hedge and often cars and bins obstruct your view of Landscape Road (as shown in the photo above). If you turn left you will come to a Stop junction on a hill with a large speed bump before it and you will be very slow to go over it smoothly before stopping. The Churchtown Test Centre itself is quite large with ample parking spaces. Make sure to have the car facing the exit before the test to make it easier once the driving test begins. At the end of the driving test drive straight into the 1st car park space available. If the car isn’t parked properly you should continue to space at the far wall (if available and safe to do so) where it will be easier to park between the 2 lines. The most prominent features of the Churchtown Driving Test Route are cyclists, bin lorries and lane changes. Cyclists, as well as stationary buses and bin lorries, should be overtaken only when safe to do so with good use of the Mirror Signal (Position Speed Look) Technique with appropriate use of the right-hand mirror. Look out for the buses and bin lorries signaling they are moving off in which case you should hold back to allow them the courtesy to move off safely unless you have already begun to overtake. There are also a few places where you will need to move into a right-hand lane to turn right. You will again need good use of the Mirror Signal Manoeuvre (Position Speed Look) technique with a good check of the right mirror on approach as well as just before entering the new lane, no matter how quiet you think it is.
Pretest Driving Lessons in Churchtown Pinnacle Driving School cover Churchtown Driving Test Centre with our PreTest driving lessons in Churchtown in particular demand. Our Pretest Driving Lessons are €40 each or 6 for €210. If you have a Driving Test date it is advisable to book a Pretest lesson early so as to give more time to correct any faults. Most people will need at least 3 lessons. Lesson 1 will be spent fixing any faults and telling you everything you need to know to pass the test as well as practicing the reverse around the corner, hill start and turnabout. Lesson 2 will be a mock test where the instructor plays the part of the tester and conducts a full test from start to finish. It will be like an actual test where the Instructor will not chat or give feedback during the test but will mark and make a note of everything and give feedback once finished. The aim is to give you an idea if you would pass or fail, highlight any areas you need to work on, warn you of the severity of different faults that you may not have deemed important as well as giving some experience of driving under Driving Test conditions.